The market research comprises of:

– a study of market attractiveness/value,
– a competition analysis,
– certificates and licences,
– potential customers,
– suppliers and subcontractors,
– pricing policy,
– promotion opportunities,
– distribution methods.

Each company that plans to operate on a given market must have relevant knowledge mainly about market conditions and expectations.
In the case of companies that already operate on the market, the knowledge of current data of their sector enables them to adjust better to their business environment.
To companies that intend to cooperate on the international market, business analyses enable them to identify and define opportunities (and obstacles) of their market activity or to plan their operating strategy (e.g. how to attract customers to their product and which distribution channel to choose) in a better way.
We offer comprehensive analytical support and local know-how during the preparation and introduction of foreign entities into the Polish market.

The scope and methodology of our analysis are determined by:

  • customer’s type,
  • customer’s expectations,
  • planned operating strategy,
  • purpose of the analysis,
  • data availability

As part of market research, we offer the following types of analysis:

Analysis of entities operating on the market:

  • An offering party: sellers of their market shares,
  • A buying party: customers/ consumers
  • Distribution channels

Product-based market research (analysis of elements of the market and relationships between those elements):

  • objects of exchange,
  • demand, supply,
  • terms and conditions of market transactions (prices, terms of delivery and payment, etc.).

The above options of market analysis do not need to focus on one field. They may focus on searching for both new customers, as well as potential suppliers and subcontractors. The latter is particularly interesting to foreign entities that would like to locate their production of semi-finished products etc. on the Polish market, as well as to companies that face production capacity shortages or limitations in supplies by subcontractors in their home market.

Each market analysis is supplemented with a macroeconomic presentation of the Polish economy, including key economic data and ratios, information about purchasing power of the consumers and infrastructure.